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Photo by JKey Photography


Photo by JKey Photography


Photo by JKey Photography


Photo by JKey Photography


Still from "City of Catharines"
Jelle van der Does


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The Art of the Contrabass Flute

Composed by Ned McGowan

“With its unique sonorities and superb recording quality this release has great attraction for anyone looking for something enduring and beyond the norm.”
–  Dominy Clements

“The recording quality is very impressive.”

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A film by Loeke de Waal & Steffi Posthumus.

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, Pinterest: ‘voluntourism’ is all over social media. It’s the perfect platform to showcase your adventurous, humanitarian, globetrotting side. This phenomenon is also fed by the Western urge to do good. On social media it all seems perfect; everyone shows off the best sides of their experience, but what is it really like?

Dutch 21-year-old Mitchell strongly feels that need too. To ‘make a difference’, he travels to Cape Town, South Africa. Once there, the project is completely different than expected. We follow Mitchell on his quest for world citizenship, adventure and purpose.

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The Parting Glass

The music was written for Alexander McNeill‘s short film The Parting Glass, after the traditional Irish folk song. The film is a psychological horror/thriller about a family in rural 1890’s Ireland. Here’s an excerpt from the film. Below you’ll find the complete soundtrack as audio.

Violas are played by Manja Kruidhof-Okkerse, celli by Gerda Marijs.

Call me Lucky Fat or Skinny

By Canvas Blanco

Vinyl Record Canvas_Blanco_small

Call me Lucky Fat or Skinny was produced by Arjan de Wit & Jozua Koffeman at Room Service Music. Recorded by Matthijs Kievit / Studio Joneski & Arjan de Wit at Room Service Music.

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Room Service Music makes music. We, Arjan and Bas, care about great music. Room Service Music is where musicians, artists, film makers and creators can find new ways for their music. Whatever the medium is, we want to get the music just right.

Bas Bouma

About Bas Bouma

I am mainly a composer and arranger. I’ve written music for ensembles, short films, animation films, commercials an art installation and documentary. To get the most out of my music, the human element is an important part of it. Music has to live, breathe.

My main influences are pop music (one major influence is the work of Radiohead as well as the solo work of Jonny Greenwood), contemporary classical music (from Pärt to Ligeti, from Ravel to Schnittke), classical and film music.

I studied at the Utrecht School of Arts, where I received a Master of Music, European Media Master and a Bachelor of Music with honours in composition.

Bas’ music is also available on Bandcamp.

Arjan de Wit

About Arjan de Wit

I am a composer and producer writing music for film, pop artists and ensembles. Music is about good chemistry. You get good chemistry by utilizing a mixture of experiment, expertise and a lot of intuition. I like to let things go just a bit out of control to discover new stuff and use that in a skilled way.

Good chemistry is also about the right combinations. I like combining ideas from (modern) classical and pop music. Imagine using a tone scale from a modern classical piece for a film score. Or why not use the beautiful emotions of classical instruments and use it in a singer/songwriter song?

I have a Master of Music, European Media Master of Arts, Bachelor of Music with honours at the Utrecht School of the Arts.